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Residence "Living in the green" in the Catalan Pyrenees NRP

in collaboration with Maud Buckenmeyer (HZT, Berlin, dance)

extract from the dossier "Our desire is to go and meet the territory of the Eastern Pyrenees and its inhabitants. To experiment humanly and artistically with the stories that animate it and create gatherings around them. To go in search of individual and collective stories, legends and know-how. The attitude we want to adopt is one of total availability, of openness to what happens. Our approach is contextual: it is a matter of constantly adapting to the unexpected, to surprises. This residency is governed by a principle of uncertainty: we do not know how the inhabitants of the hamlets and villages will adhere to our projects. So it is important for us to invent these experiences in a relationship to performance, to improvisation. We want to keep the attitude of hyper-attention, of letting go, and of curiosity so that the encounter happens. The encounter. It often happens when you don't force it: when you are rightly in contact with the in situ, with the territory. It is a question of letting ourselves be carried away by the encounters. We put ourselves in danger insofar as we will certainly be surprised by what the Park's inhabitants will bring to us.

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