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voyages & peits papiers


What is a microsaloon?

A literary event that brings together lovers of the resourceful and the book, of the resourceful and the poem, of the resourceful and the journey. The desire is to bring together those who like to go from experience to book, from feelings to words, from emotions to lines. To bring together the minds behind book objects - to honour inventiveness and curiosity.

This includes the desire to propose poems on the fly, to use typewriters to make people talk; to capture the possible, to break down preconceptions, and to venture into literature


Where does it come from?

First of all, an encounter with micro-publishing and the love of self-published books: then, the desire to bring together those who also like to give wings to their words, and transform them into pages of books that become smiles of readers.

Above all, the old wish to bring together a few public poets, to honour this practice of improvised poetic performance on commission, with the typewriter as the key.
Travelling is a practice that can be translated into a love of literary adventure, of leaving comfort zones, and of poetic daring.

The team :

Inhabited by poetry, Alice Baude explores the relationship between words and space. Not only the space of the page, but also the space within us, or the public space, the territory. Conquered by Brittany, she lives and works in Douarnenez. She is convinced that words can be used as a lever and move mountains, piece by piece.


Gauthier Istin, a self-taught multi-tasker, musician, craftsman and writer (Yann mill vicher 'giz eo laret b'ar vro !) bitten by the fly of the resourcefulness that never let him go. He is an adventurer of territories and ways of moving around them. First book recently published "Solo dedo" or 28000km hitchhiking and its music. In a constant frantic attempt to set cultural and human emulsions in motion. Lives in the Breton hills.


L’équipe :

Habitée par la poésie, Alice Baude explore la relation entre les mots et l’espace. Pas seulement l’espace de la page, mais aussi l’espace qu’il y a en nous, ou l’espace
public, le territoire. Conquise par la Bretagne, elle vit et travaille à Douarnenez. Elle a l’intime conviction que les mots peuvent faire levier et déplacer des montagnes, morceau par morceau.


Gauthier Istin, autodidacte multicasquettes, Musicien, artisan et écrivain (Yann mill vicher ‘giz eo laret b’ar vro !) piqué par la mouche de la débrouille qui ne l’a jamais lâché. Aventurier des territoires et des manière de s’y mouvoir. Premier livre récemment paru « Solo dedo » ou 28000km en auto-stop et sa musique. Dans un constant frétillement à l’idée d’enclencher des émulsions culturelles et humaines. Vit dans les collines bretonnes.

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